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Last Updated Monday , October 13 , 2003










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Wednesday July 30th, 2003

        Another day, another comic.  I'm gonna open another page soon with all the artwork I've done recently, so ummm yeah


        Was watching Paradise Hotel yesterday, and let me say, man that show sucks, like seriously, whores in a hotel, freaks


        Well i'm off to go see Pirates of the Caribbean, so later



Monday July 28th, 2003

        Well, I'm still busy doing the site work, it's kinda crappy right now.  As for the comics, I've begun doing them Mon, Wed, Fri now.  Let's see how long I can keep this up.  I'm pleased to say that the process is taking a lot less time than b4.  The only problem I ran into was after inking the latest one on my HORRIBLE camping trip, the pages got a little damp.  But I managed to fix it so it's all good.


       On another note, does anyone actually watch that horrible show Crossing Over with John Edward?  What a load of crap, I mean whose actually dumb enough to believe that.  It just goes to show how far FOX is willing to go to get ratings.


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